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Leaders Peterborough opened up a three-point gap at the top of the Sky Bet League One table, following a routine 2-0 win over Bristol Rovers at the Memorial Stadium

领袖彼得伯勒(Peterborough)在纪念体育场(Memorial Stadium)例行2-0击败布里斯托(Bristol Rovers)的比赛之后,在Sky Bet League One桌的顶端拉开了三分差距

Jack Taylor put Darren Ferguson"s men ahead three minutes before the break with a 25-yard stunner, before Dan Butler sealed victory just after the hour mark with a thunderbolt of his own to seal victory

杰克·泰勒(Jack Taylor)在休息前三分钟用25码击昏者使达伦·弗格森(Darren Ferguson)的士兵领先,然后在小时标记之后的丹·巴特勒(Dan Butler)凭借自己的霹雳弹获得胜利后获得胜利

Their ability to move three points clear was helped by second-placed Ipswich losing 2-1 at Sunderland


Charlie Wyke edged the Black Cats ahead inside the first 10 minutes of a game where the kick-off was delayed by half-an-hour due to technical issues relating to external broadcast infrastructure

查理·怀克(Charlie Wyke)在比赛的前10分钟内将黑猫队领先,由于与外部广播基础设施相关的技术问题,开赛推迟了半个小时

League One reports and resultsLeague One tableLeague One highlightsJack Lankester levelled for Town before the break, but after Andre Dozzell was sent off after a foul on Grant Leadbitter, the visitors struggled to find a way back in the game and Leadbitter went on to score the winner from the penalty spot after Mark McGuinness" apparent handball

联赛一的报告和结果联赛一张表联赛第一的亮点杰克·兰开斯特在休息前为镇队进发,但在安德烈·多泽尔对格兰特·利德比特特犯规后被罚下后,来访者努力寻找回到比赛的道路,利比德特继续为获胜者得分马克·麦坚尼斯(Mark McGuinness)手球明显后的点球

Lee Bowyer"s Charlton won their sixth game in a row after beating Fleetwood 3-2 at The Valley

李·鲍耶(Lee Bowyer)的查尔顿(Charlton)在山谷(The Valley)3-2击败弗利特伍德(Fleetwood)后连续第六场获胜

Goals from Ben Purrington and Conor Washington put the Addicks in a commanding lead, but two goals in a minute from Ched Evans put their winning streak under threat

本·普林顿(Ben Purrington)和科纳·华盛顿(Conor Washington)的进球使阿迪克取得了领先地位,但切德·埃文斯(Ched Evans)在一分钟内的两个进球使他们的连胜纪录受到威胁

Washington, however, made sure of the victory by scoring a penalty five minutes after the break


Portsmouth"s John Marquis continued his fine form by scoring two goals in a 3-1 victory over Lincoln at Sincil Bank


The frontman made it seven goals in five games when he netted either side of half-time, before Ronan Curtis added a third to put Pompey in control

当罗南·柯蒂斯(Ronan Curtis)加入第三名以使庞培获得控制权时,这位主唱在五场比赛中打入7球,而他在半场比赛的任意时​​刻都取得了进球

Tom Hopper pulled on back for the Imps late on but it proved to be nothing more than a consolation

汤姆·霍珀(Tom Hopper)后来为Imps退缩,但事实证明,这不过是一种安慰而已。

金珍玉 Plymouth came out on top in a six-goal thriller that saw them beat 10-man Swindon 4-2 at Home Park

金珍玉普利茅斯在六球惊悚片中名列前茅,他们在Home Park击败了10人的史云顿4-2

Luke Jephcott and Joe Edwards put the hosts 2-0 up inside seven minutes, but Hallam Hope and Anthony Grant ensured it was 2-2 with less than half-an-hour on the clock

卢克·杰弗科特(Luke Jephcott)和乔·爱德华兹(Joe Edwards)在7分钟内将东道主2-0扳平,但哈勒姆·霍普(Hallam Hope)和安东尼·格兰特(Anthony Grant)保证了2-2的时间还不到半小时

Jephcott then added a third for Argyle, before Jonny Smith was sent off for a second bookable offence in first half stoppage-time

然后,在上半场补时阶段,乔尼·史密斯(Jonny Smith)因第二项可预订的进攻而被罚走之前,杰弗科特(Jephcott)为阿盖尔(Argyle)增加了三分之一

Town held firm until the closing stages, when Conor Grant made it 4-2 with a minute to play

Town保持坚挺,直到比赛结束为止,当时Conor Grant以一分钟的成绩进入4-2

Meanwhile, AFC Wimbledon"s first game at their new Plough Lane home ended all square as they were held to an entertaining 2-2 draw by Doncaster


Joe Piggott put the Dons ahead twice, but Matt Smith and then veteran James Coppinger hit back to ensure Rovers left south west London with a point

乔·皮格特(Joe Piggott)两次将顿斯(Dons)领先,但是马特·史密斯(Mat Smith)和老将詹姆斯·科平格(James Coppinger)做出了回击,以确保罗弗(Rovers)离开伦敦西南

Oxford climbed off the bottom of the table with a 3-1 win over Rochdale


Elliott Moore netted either side of Olamide Shodipo"s goal, while Dale failed to build on Matty Lund"s penalty three minutes before the break金珍玉

埃利奥特·摩尔(Elliott Moore)打入了奥拉米德·肖迪波(Olamide Shodipo)进球的任何一方,而戴尔(Dale)未能在休息前三分钟依靠马蒂·隆德(Matty Lund)的点球金珍玉

Elsewhere, Sullay Kaikai"s second-half goal earned Blackpool a 1-0 win over Wigan, Daniel Udoh scored a 98th-minute equaliser as strugglers Shrewsbury and Burton played out a 1-1 draw at Montgomery Waters Meadow, with John Akinde"s goal enough to earn Gillingham a 1-0 win over Crewe金珍玉

在其他地方,苏莱·凯凯(Sullay Kaikai)下半场进球为布莱克浦(Blackpool)1-0击败维甘(Wigan),丹尼尔·乌多(Daniel Udoh)取得了第98分钟的扳平比分,而挣扎者舒兹伯利(Shrewsbury)和伯顿(Burton)在蒙哥马利·沃特斯草原(Montgomery Waters Meadow)1-1战平,约翰·阿金德(John Akinde)的进球足以赚钱吉林汉姆1-0击败克鲁金珍玉

Northampton and MK Dons played out a dour 0-0 draw at Sixfields



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