哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)解释了在与亚当·拉拉纳(Adam Lallana)发生事故后托特纳姆热刺队被判罚的原因

时间:2020-11-04 01:23:40

Harry Kane has defended the decision to award Tottenham a penalty during the 2-1 Premier League win over Brighton after Adam Lallana was deemed to have fouled the striker

哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)为亚特·拉拉纳(Adam Lallana)被认为对前锋犯规而在2-1英超联赛击败布赖顿的比赛中为授予托特纳姆热刺的决定辩护

街机捕鱼电玩In the first half at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Lallana jumped up for a header and in the process collided into Kane and landed on top of the Spurs captain


Referee Graham Scott initially awarded a free-kick, but VAR Jonathan Moss reviewed the incident which occurred just inside the Brighton area

裁判员格雷厄姆·斯科特(Graham Scott)最初判罚任意球,但VAR乔纳森·莫斯(VAR Jonathan Moss)回顾了该事件,该事件仅发生在布莱顿地区

Ref Watch: Were Harry Kane, Mo Salah pen calls correct?Super-sub Gareth Bale seals Spurs win over BrightonMauricio Pochettino on: Next job, leaving Spurs, and moreKane then dispatched the penalty, and after Spurs went on to record their fourth league win of the season, the 27-year-old has defended his actions after accusations he dived to earn the spot-kick

Ref Watch:哈里·凯恩(Mo Salah)笔是否正确?超级替补加雷斯·贝尔(Sale)封堵马刺击败布莱顿·毛里西奥·波切蒂诺(Mauricio Pochettino):下一份工作,离开马刺,还有更多的凯恩随后罚分,马刺继续记录他们的第四次联赛胜利在这个赛季中,这位27岁的球员在被指控跳水以赚取踢球后为自己的行为辩护

"From my point of view the ball was in the air, I"ve tried to put my body in between the player to shield the ball as if you would from a goal kick," Kane told


"He has jumped into the back of me with quite a bit of force, which obviously put me to the floor


"The ref gave it as a free-kick, VAR gave it as a foul, from my point of view I can understand maybe it"s a 50-50 decision, it"s not a definite foul you get all the time


But you definitely get five out of 10 of them in a game


"Just the fact it was turned into a penalty it then becomes more of a talking point, but that"s why VAR is there


They have a look at it, they decide if they think it"s a foul, the ref and the VAR both did and that"s why I got the penalty." Why so many penalties this season?There have been 36 penalties in 68 Premier League matches so far this season, an average of more than one every two games


At the same stage last season, 16 penalties had been given, and statistics show the 2020-21 campaign is heading for a record in a Premier League season should the current rate continue


Kane admitted it was difficult to pinpoint exactly why more penalties are being awarded, although he said VAR is allowing referees and assistants the chance to see more of the action


He added: "It"s hard to say街机捕鱼电玩


With VAR it heightens every little touch or nick when you go past a defender, but the season itself has been quite strange in terms of how many goals are being scored, teams getting beat by five, six goals


"I can"t pinpoint it, but as soon as VAR came in last year it was going to happen


It happened at the 2018 World Cup, there were more penalties than ever before


I think it just allows referees and assistant referees to see more decisions." Ref watch: Kane call correct? Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher analyses the incident on News..


INCIDENT: Spurs are awarded a penalty after Adam Lallana falls on Harry Kane just inside the area

事件:亚当·拉拉纳(Adam Lallana)落在该区域内的哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)之后,马刺将被判处罚款

街机捕鱼电玩Premier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyGet - All channels 23 a monthDERMOT"S VERDICT: I think it was (a penalty), Lallana chose to make a challenge which I do not think was the wisest decision for him and caught Kane in the back

街机捕鱼电玩英超联赛表|治具|在SkyGet上直播-所有频道每月23 DERMOT"S VERDICT:我认为这是(罚款),Lallana选择提出挑战,我认为这对他来说不是最明智的决定,并将Kane甩在了后面

What is interesting here is when the VAR looks, it comes down to a factual decision and his feet are planted on the line, the shot from behind the goal quite clearly shows that, and the process here was really, really good because Moss has fed back to him: "You"ve given a foul, I can assure you factually his feet are on the penalty area line," which belongs to the goalkeeper and so therefore a penalty was correctly given


Dier backs Alli to fight for Spurs futureEric Dier says his friend Dele Alli"s future at Tottenham is still in his own hands


Alli"s situation at Spurs looks bleak having fallen out of favour under boss Jose Mourinho this season and he was linked with a move away from the club during the recent transfer window

阿里在马刺的处境似乎令人沮丧,本赛季他在老板穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)的支持下失宠了,而且他在最近的转会窗口期间与俱乐部的转会有关

He has made just three starts so far and has not made it past half-time on two of them as Mourinho takes a ruthless stance


"Dele has the capacity, we all know his quality, we all know what he brings, he"s shown that in the past," he said


"It"s really up to him to put in the work, the effort, the commitment and I"m sure he will do that


That"s who he is, he"s always had that drive


It"s up to him, it"s in his hands and it"s in all of our hands


"Individually, we all have to perform, we"ve got a very big squad and we all have to perform at the highest level if we want to play."



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