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Middlesbrough moved into the play-off positions in the Sky Bet Championship as Marvin Johnson"s 81st-minute strike secured a 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest

当马文·约翰逊(Marvin Johnson)的第81分钟罢工确保以1比0击败诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)时,米德尔斯堡(Middlesbrough)进入了“天空赌注”冠军赛的附加赛

Johnson converted George Saville"s cross with virtually his first touch after leaving the substitutes" bench as Neil Warnock"s side continued the fine run of form that has seen them remain unbeaten since the opening weekend of the season六彩

约翰·约翰逊(Johnson)离开替补席后,几乎是第一次接触乔治·萨维尔(George Saville)的十字架,尼尔·沃诺克(Neil Warnock)的那边继续保持良好的状态,自赛季开始以来一直保持不败六彩

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Nottingham Forest failed to record a single effort on target as they slumped to their first defeat in five matches, with Middlesbrough"s superiority apparent throughout

冠军赛器材|桌子|获取诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)未能在目标上记录任何努力,因为他们在五场比赛中首次失利,而米德尔斯堡的优势始终可见

With Dael Fry unavailable, Warnock was forced into a tactical reshuffle that saw him start with a back four rather than the five-man backline he has been fielding for the vast majority of the season

由于无法使用Dael Fry,Warnock被迫进行战术改组,这使他从后四个赛季开始而不是他本赛季大部分时间一直在努力的五人制比赛

Teenager Nathan Wood came in for his first Championship start, and the youngster impressed as Boro set about containing a Forest side that have improved markedly since the appointment of Chris Hughton as manager

少年内森·伍德(Nathan Wood)参加了他的第一个冠军赛开始,这名年轻人留下了深刻的印象,因为博罗(Boro)决定容纳森林队,自任命克里斯·休顿(Chris Hughton)为经理以来,情况已有明显改善。

The visitors failed to record a single effort on target in a first half that was dominated by Middlesbrough, but while the Teessiders created a number of good chances before the interval, they were unable to take any of them


Hayden Coulson went close midway through the opening period, but while he drifted dangerously across the 18-yard box, his low strike was straight at the legs of Forest goalkeeper Brice Samba

海顿·库尔森(Hayden Coulson)在开幕式中段接近结束,但是当他危险地跨过18码箱子时,他的低位打击直接发生在森林门将布莱斯·桑巴(Brice Samba)的腿上

Samba"s poor clearance had created Coulson"s opportunity, and Forest"s players came close to shooting themselves in the foot again shortly after the half-hour mark


Ryan Yates" dreadful back-pass afforded Britt Assombalonga a clear run on goal, but the former Forest striker saw his low shot saved by Samba

瑞安·耶茨(Ryan Yates)可怕的后路传球给布里特·阿森巴隆加(Britt Assombalonga)射门得分,但这位前森林锋线前锋看到了桑巴的低射

Marcus Tavernier picked up the rebound, but while the midfielder had a gaping goal to aim at, he blazed wastefully over the crossbar

马库斯·塔弗尼尔(Marcus Tavernier)抢到篮板,但是中场虽然有一个让人望而却步的进球,但他却在横梁上浪费了很多精力

Tavernier saw another shot blocked inside the penalty area shortly before the break, and wasted a good position in the early stages of the second half as he drilled a free-kick from the edge of the area into the wall


Forest struggled to create clear-cut chances all afternoon, although Miguel Guerrero got himself into a decent position shortly before the hour mark, only to be thwarted by an excellent sliding challenge from Wood

整个下午,森林都在努力创造明确的机会,尽管米格尔·格雷罗(Miguel Guerrero)在小时点之前不久就进入了一个体面的位置,但是却受到伍德(Wood)出色的滑动挑战的挫败

六彩 The visitors" best opportunity came midway through the second period, and saw Yates glance a near-post header just wide of the target as he met a corner from Anthony Knockaert

六彩访客的最佳机会出现在第二阶段的中段,他看到耶茨(Yates)碰到安东尼·诺卡特(Anthony Knockaert)的一个角时,近柱头球就在目标附近

At that stage, it looked as though the game was set to finish goalless, but Boro had other ideas and claimed a winner with nine minutes left


Johnson had only been on the field for three minutes when he met Saville"s cross, but the substitute displayed superb composure as he slotted home a slick first-time finish



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