EFL主席里克·帕里(Rick Parry)写信给政府:我们不能阻止俱乐部破产

时间:2020-10-29 01:48:46

English Football League chairman Rick Parry has written a new letter to the Government insisting the EFL does not have the power to prevent clubs from going bust and says it is now or never in regards to emergency funding

英格兰足球联赛主席里克·帕里(Rick Parry)向政府写了一封新信,坚称EFL无权阻止俱乐部破产,并表示现在或从未涉及紧急资金。

Parry says EFL clubs "will require 1.5 billion funding package to the Arts sector alone


"While football grounds in Rochdale, Grimsby, Mansfield and Carlisle might seem an awful long way from Glyndebourne or the Royal Ballet, they are nonetheless equally important parts of our nation"s heritage


"It must have dawned on you that it is deeply unfair that cultural institutions like these are receiving Government hand-outs while also being able to generate revenues by admitting the paying public


"Yet at the same time, football is told to support itself and its clubs have to play behind closed doors


I am sure you can understand how this disparity in approach must look to football fans in constituencies across the country


What is needed is a clear plan as to how we are going to keep EFL clubs in business in the period ahead


"In our view, this must involve getting fans safely back into stadia as quickly as possible and, in the meantime, providing relief on PAYE payments to HMRC so that clubs do not continue to haemorrhage cash while playing behind closed doors


"In any event, clubs will soon begin defaulting on these payments and the Government would be better off managing this situation rather than having it land on its toes


Secretary of State, I urge you not to respond dismissively to this letter as you did our earnest contribution to recent conversations about creating a financially sustainable model for the English professional football pyramid


"For too long, we have been highlighting the financial chasm between the Premier League and the Championship, the destabilising effect of parachute payments (which comprise 30 per cent of Championship Clubs" aggregate turnover) and the unsustainable losses incurred by clubs in every division of the EFL


福州金逸国际影城"Therefore, to suggest that now is not the right time to be addressing these issues is, frankly, baffling


Instead I would encourage you to think long and hard about the future consequences of the approach you are currently taking福州金逸国际影城


In all other areas, the Government has accepted that when it restricts business activity it should provide some form of support


"For some reason, football is being regarded as a peculiarly undeserving case and, as a result, many of our clubs have now reached the conclusion that we are at best being ignored by a Government that doesn"t understand our National Sport and at worst being victimised by it


"Ultimately, the football public will judge the performance of this Conservative Government on how many football clubs remain in business once the pandemic finally subsides


福州金逸国际影城Certainly, those communities that are inextricably linked to their local team will never forgive it if their beloved football clubs are driven into extinction."



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