诺威奇城1-1考文垂:马克斯·比亚莫(Max Biamou)罢工推迟,以否认金丝雀

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Championship leaders Norwich City got a taste of their own medicine at Carrow Road as a late goal from substitute Max Biamou earned Coventry a 1-1 draw

冠军领队诺里奇城(Norwich City)在卡罗路(Carrow Road)品尝了自己的药,而替补马克斯·比阿莫(Max Biamou)的进球使科文垂以1-1落后

The Canaries have made a habit of scoring late goals on their way to reaching the summit but the boot was on the other foot this time around as the Sky Blues scrambled home an 89th-minute equaliser to earn a point


Norwich, who led through Mario Vrancic"s first-half penalty, are still unbeaten in 10 games but will be kicking themselves for letting two points slip

诺里奇(Norwich)在马里奥·弗朗西奇(Mario Vrancic)的上半场点球大战中领先

And they suffered another blow in the closing stages when defender Max Aarons hobbled off through injury


With 12 players unavailable through injury and Emi Buendia suspended, Norwich were forced to name virtually all their fit first teamers in the starting line-up, with Marco Stiepermann deputising for the unavailable Teemu Pukki up front

由于受伤缺席了12名球员,而Emi Buendia被停赛,诺里奇被迫在起跑阵容中列出几乎所有合适的一线队球员,马可·斯蒂珀曼(Marco Stiepermann)代表了无法获得的泰穆·普基(Teemu Pukki)

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Such were Daniel Farke"s selection problems that he was only able to name six substitutes, with five of those being members of the club"s U23 squad

冠军赛器材|桌子|丹尼尔·法克(Daniel Farke)的选拔问题使他只能任命6名替补,其中5名是俱乐部U23球队的成员

The makeshift nature of the home team showed in the early stages as they struggled to find any rhythm


Coventry wasted a decent chance to get their noses in front after 19 minutes when Jamie Allen was unable to convert a cross from the right from the excellent Fankaty Dabo

19分钟后,当杰米·艾伦(Jamie Allen)无法将右路的传球从出色的范卡蒂·达博(Fankaty Dabo)转换到考文垂时,考文垂浪费了一个不错的机会

But Norwich suddenly clicked into gear midway through the half, creating a couple of excellent chances before opening the scoring after 27 minutes


Goalkeeper Ben Wilson did well to deny Stiepermann after the German had got behind the Sky Blues" defence and then made an excellent double block to foil first Josh Martin and then Stiepermann again after Przemyslaw Placheta"s low cross had left him exposed

在德国人躲过天蓝的防守之后,守门员本·威尔逊(Ben Wilson)很好地否认了斯蒂伯曼,然后做出了一个出色的双挡,首先挫败了乔什·马丁(Josh Martin),然后是斯蒂伯曼(Stiepermann)。

But moments later Placheta found himself one-on-one with the keeper after latching on to a fine through ball from Alex Tettey and when the Polish winger was sent flying referee Keith Stroud pointed straight to the spot

但是片刻之后,普拉切塔(Placheta)从阿历克斯·泰蒂(Alex Tettey)传中获得一球罚球后立即与门将一对一,当波兰边​​锋被任命为飞行裁判时,基斯·斯特劳德(Keith Stroud)直指该地点。

Protests that the keeper had got to the ball first were ignored and Vrancic fired down the middle to give Norwich the advantage金银棋牌


Coventry might have equalised when stand-in keeper Michael McGovern dropped a tame header from Amadou Bakayoko, but no-one was on hand to tap home the loose ball and it was cleared for a corner

当替补门将迈克尔·麦戈文(Michael McGovern)从阿马杜·巴卡约科(Amadou Bakayoko)放下驯服头球时,考文垂可能已经扳平了比分,但没人能接住放空的球,球被踢出一个角

After a quiet start to the second period, Coventry boss Mark Robins opted to freshen things up on the hour mark, with Tyler Walker, Jordan Shipley and Gustavo Hamer all coming off the bench, and Callum O"Hare quickly brought a decent save out of McGovern with a shot from just inside the box


The visitors were having the bulk of possession without making much use of it against a strong Norwich rearguard and Robins added some more fresh legs with 15 minutes remaining, Biamou and Wesley Jobello coming on

来访者拥有大量财产,而没有在强大的诺里奇后卫身上大量使用,而罗宾斯在剩下15分钟的时间里又增加了一些新鲜的腿,比亚莫(Biamou)和韦斯利·乔贝洛(Wesley Jobello)即将上场

The new-look side almost levelled when Hamer"s inswinging free-kick hit the far post before rebounding off a Norwich defender for a corner - and they finally got the goal they were looking for in the 89th minute


Leo Ostigard put in an excellent low cross from the left and the ball fell kindly for Biamou who could hardly miss from close range

利奥·奥斯蒂加德(Leo Ostigard)从左路出色的低传中了,皮亚姆(Biamou)的球友善地掉了,后者在近距离上几乎不会失球

What the managers said...Norwich"s Daniel Farke: "With all the injuries we have I don"t think too many people would have expected us to take seven points from nine since the international break

经理说的话...诺里奇的丹尼尔·法克(Daniel Farke):“我们遭受了所有的伤害,我认为自国际中断以来,没有太多人期望我们从9分中拿7分

It has been a good effort from the lads and it is good that we are now 10 games unbeaten and in a top-class position in the table


"Obviously to concede so late is very disappointing but I can"t really complain too much


We have done well recently with the number of players we have out and today we were up against a good side who made it very difficult for us


A defensive mistake cost us in the end - but I can"t be too critical of the lads because they have done really well recently in difficult circumstances." Coventry"s Mark Robins: "The goal we scored at the end was deserved, there"s no doubt about that

防守失误最终使我们付出了代价-但我不能太批评小伙子们,因为他们最近在艰难的情况下确实表现出色。”考文垂的马克·罗宾斯(Mark Robins):“我们最终得分的目标是当之无愧的,毫无疑问关于那个

The penalty wasn"t a penalty


Ben has clearly come out and got the ball - then the momentum of their player has gone into him so really it should have been a foul for us


"The goal we scored at the end he gave it a bit of time, there was a foul on Tyler, but their player played Max on and he gets up off the floor and sticks it in the net


金银棋牌We hit the post prior to that and were on top for a lot of that second half."



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