Darnell Fisher抓住Callum Patersons的生殖器后被禁

时间:2020-12-12 11:15:07

Darnell Fisher has been suspended for three games after grabbing the genitals of Sheffield Wednesday"s Callum Paterson during Preston"s game on Saturday


Fisher was found guilty of violent conduct by an independent regulatory commission in relation to an incident involving Paterson during the Championship match against Wednesday on November 21


The incident was not seen by the match officials at the time but was spotted on video afterwards, the Football Association announced


It happened during the 62nd minute of Preston"s 1-0 win


Paterson appeared to try and get the attention of referee David Webb, but then Fisher"s actions were picked up by TV cameras and he was shown to have repeated the action

帕特森(Paterson)似乎试图引起裁判大卫·韦伯(David Webb)的注意,但随后德甲有哪些球队的动作被电视摄像机捕捉到,并被证明重复了动作。

Preston went on to win the match 1-0 thanks to a goal from Tom Barkhuizen

由于汤姆·巴克慧岑(Tom Barkhuizen)的进球,普雷斯顿(Preston)继续以1-0赢得比赛

It ruined Tony Pulis" first match in charge of Wednesday, who had earlier had Josh Windass sent off

这毁了托尼·普利斯(Tony Pulis)在星期三掌管的第一场比赛,后者早些时候曾让乔什·温达斯(Josh Windass)罚下

Earlier this year, England rugby union international Joe Marler was handed a 10-week ban for a low grab on Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones in a Six Nations match


While in Super League, St Helens" Tommy Makinson was suspended for five matches in August for grabbing the testicles of Castleford"s Liam Watts

在超级联赛中,圣海伦斯的汤米·马金森(Tommy Makinson)在8月份因抢夺卡斯尔福德(Castleford)的利亚姆·沃茨(Liam Watts)的睾丸而被停赛五场

Then last week Catalans Dragons forward Joel Tomkins was banned for eight matches after being found guilty of making "inappropriate contact" on the backside of Leeds full-back Richie Myler

然后,上周加泰罗尼亚巨龙队前锋乔尔·汤姆金斯(Joel Tomkins)因在利兹后卫后卫里奇·迈勒(Richie Myler)的背面进行“不适当的接触”而被判犯有八场比赛


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