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The panels which support the law-making International Football Association Board (IFAB) have backed the idea of additional concussion substitutes and a clarification of the handball law


A statement from IFAB said the football and technical advisory panels (FAP-TAP) supported the idea of trialling additional permanent substitutes when a player was suspected to have suffered a concussion "as soon as possible"


It comes as the debate around whether there is a link between concussion management and an increased risk of dementia to those who play professional contact sports comes back into the spotlight, following the diagnosis of Sir Bobby Charlton at the start of the month


The Football Association said it would look to implement trials of permanent concussion substitutes "at the earliest possible stages" of the men"s and women"s FA Cup competitions this season俄罗斯冰球队


The FA statement added: "Player welfare is paramount and we believe that this is an important step to help support players, clubs and medical teams when identifying and managing head injuries and incidents of concussion during a game." As well as focusing on concussion substitutes, the panels also concluded there was a need to offer "clarification" on changes to the handball law which were made in 2019


Fans to return to English stadiums after lockdownGary Neville: Jose Mourinho vs Frank Lampard for the title?Anthony Martial"s "bizarre" form: What"s happened?"It was re-emphasised that the final judgement remains with the referee and not every touch of a player"s hand/arm with the ball is an offence and, in terms of a definition of the term "unnaturally bigger", referees should judge the position of the hand/arm in relation to the player"s movement in that phase of play," the IFAB statement read俄罗斯冰球队

球迷在禁赛后回到英国体育场加里·内维尔:何塞·穆里尼奥vs弗兰克·兰帕德获得冠军?安东尼·马蒂尔的“ bizarre”形式:发生了什么事?”“再次强调,裁判的最终决定权在于裁判,而不是球员的一切触动。用球挥动手/手臂是违法的,根据术语“不自然地变大”的定义,裁判员应在比赛的那个阶段判断手/手臂相对于球员运动的位置。”读俄罗斯冰球队

The panel also looked at the offside law, with a view to making the game "more attractive and dynamic"


俄罗斯冰球队"It was clear that, if any concrete proposal was to be considered, it would need to be applicable at all levels of the game and easy to apply for the match officials, mindful of the dynamic nature of player"s movement," IFAB"s statement added


"It was agreed that extensive trials would be necessary before a law change could be proposed." It is understood one option the panels considered was a proposal from former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, now FIFA"s head of global football development

“人们同意,在提议修改法律之前,有必要进行广泛的审判。”据了解,专家组考虑的一个选择是前阿森纳主帅阿森·温格(Arsene Wenger)的提议,现任国际足联全球足球发展负责人

The Frenchman has put forward a system whereby a player is onside if any part of his body that can legitimately score a goal is level with the second-last defender


The success and widespread adoption of the temporary dispensation to allow up to five substitutes was also discussed


"FAP-TAP concluded that the temporary amendment allowing up to five substitutes should continue and that the changing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on football should remain under constant review so appropriate action can be taken in the future," IFAB said

IFAB说:“ FAP-TAP的结论是,允许最多五个替代品的临时修正案应继续进行,Covid-19大流行对足球的影响不断变化,应在不断审查中,以便将来可以采取适当行动。”

俄罗斯冰球队England"s Premier League has reverted to three substitutes for the 2020-21 season after two votes to keep it at five failed to secure the necessary 14-club majority





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