卡塔尔2022年世界杯:蒂姆·卡希尔(Tim Cahill)承诺在中东举办令人震惊的赛事

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Tim Cahill has promised a "breathtaking" World Cup in Qatar – with the controversial winter extravaganza now just two years away

蒂姆·卡希尔(Tim Cahill)承诺在卡塔尔举办一场“令人叹为观止”的世界杯比赛-距今仅两年之久的争议性冬季盛会

Preparations entered their penultimate year this weekend, with the countdown underway before 32 nations make their way to the Gulf state to compete for the biggest prize in football


The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be the first to be staged in the Middle-East - and the first held outside the regular off-season of Europe and South America"s major domestic leagues


The event was beset with criticism from the moment FIFA shocked the world a decade ago by awarding the 22nd World Cup to Qatar


An Amnesty International report alleged this week that exploitation and abuse of construction workers has been "rampant" during the past 10 years of the building phase, with employees "exposed to forced labour, unpaid wages and excessive working hours." Former Everton, Millwall and Australia international Cahill - now a global ambassador for Qatar 2022 - believes tournament bosses are answering the questions about workers" rights and is confident fans will witness "something pretty special"


"In the morning you"ll be able to watch your team play and then watch another group game in the afternoon," he said


"To take your son or daughter to two matches in one day at the same venue at a World Cup is pretty amazing


It"s unheard of


"When you talk about technology, innovations, stadiums, I think it"s going to be something quite breathtaking


"I sat at the Club World Cup with all the FIFA legends, with the air-conditioning in the stadium


The pitch was amazing and it felt like we were at a World Cup game


For me to say it, though, and for people to experience it are two different things


"The event will be compact


There are only 75km between the furthest two venues and a new metro line to transport everyone


Qatar 2022 World Cup schedule revealedWorld Cup qualifiers draw on December 7"It will be the first World Cup in the Middle-East and Arab world, which is sensational because football should be played everywhere


"I"m there one week a month


I see the stadia, I see the facilities


This will be a carbon-neutral tournament to help with sustainability


There are so many elements to it


"Even if you don"t understand everything at the start, we want fans to look back on something pretty special." Cahill, who will be 41 next month, enjoyed spells in China, his native Australia and then back at Millwall after leaving Everton in 2012


He scored 50 goals in his 108 caps for Australia and played in four World Cups for the Socceroos - despite not making his international debut until he was 24 because he had represented Western Samoa at youth level足球魔方app


FIFA says infrastructure planned for Qatar 2022 has reached 90 per cent completion, with the three stadiums already built


足球魔方appKhalifa International, Al Janoub and Education City safely hosted more than 100 matches in 2020 in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic

足球魔方app尽管发生了COVID-19大流行,但哈里发国际,Al Janoub和教育城在2020年仍安全举办了100场比赛

Cahill remembers doubters being proved wrong before previous tournaments where hosts confounded critics" expectations


World Cup stadium leaves Infantino "speechless"PL to finish nine days before 2022 World CupHe believes Qatar will follow that trend, perhaps with even greater success


"Whether it be my first World Cup in Germany, or the one in South Africa, Brazil or Russia - you were always up against challenges," he said


"From what I see in Qatar, the schedules look good and everything is on time


The stadiums are first class


"The legacy programme of taking 20,000 seats off the venues and gifting them to Africa is in place, and there are education projects and initiatives to help grassroots football


"Going into any tournament, nothing is going to be received perfectly


We went to South Africa in 2010 and all the talk was about security


"Yet when my family went there it was one of the best World Cups we have experienced because of the naturalness and being in a safari in a hotel


It was just different


"In Russia, we were wondering whether it would have the softness? Would it just be regimented? How will it feel? Will it be cold? "It turned out to be the most efficient World Cup in the standards of protocols, stadiums, hotels and moving families around on flights." FIFA also says nationwide infrastructure is being delivered fast

“在俄罗斯,我们想知道它是否具有柔软性?会被包装吗?感觉如何?会很冷吗?”事实证明,这是协议,体育场馆,酒店标准中最高效的世界杯并运送家人到飞机上。” FIFA还表示,全国范围内的基础设施建设速度很快

That includes the Doha Metro - a train network which was used by fans during the Club World Cup


There are new roads and the Hamad International Airport expansion, which will attract 50 million passengers a year by 2022


Amnesty, though, believe this comes at more than just a monetary cost to Qatar - with workers trapped in what they call "a cycle of abuse," which surely harms the global reputation of the state


"It"s always fair to have people look at things in a critical way," said Cahill


"Regardless of how great you think your country is, and how much money and investment you think it has, if you don"t understand a different culture then question marks will always be there


"For workers" welfare and the Amnesty reports, our bosses are putting themselves out there explaining to everyone globally the situations and also ensuring that standards are improving


"For me, I think all the hard questions need to be answered to put people"s minds at rest - but at the same time, you have to prove those questions will be answered through actions."



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