普雷斯顿1-0谢菲尔德周三:托尼·普利斯(Tony Pulis)失利,北端最终在主场获胜

时间:2020-11-22 02:06:57

Tony Pulis made a losing start as Sheffield Wednesday boss as his 10-man side lost 1-0 to Preston at Deepdale

托尼·普利斯(Tony Pulis)开局不佳,谢菲尔德(Sheffield)周三成为老板,因为他的10人制球队在Deepdale的普雷斯顿(1-0)输了

Tom Barkhuizen"s second-half strike ended Preston"s dismal run of five home league games without a win

汤姆·巴克海曾(Tom Barkhuizen)下半场罢工结束了普雷斯顿惨败的五场主场联赛,但没有获胜

Josh Windass" early dismissal gave the visitors a mountain to climb and they were made to pay shortly after half-time when Barkhuizen volleyed home a superb left-footed opener

乔什·温达斯(Josh Windass)的提前解散给游客带来了一座可以攀登的山脉,并且在巴克慧岑(Barkhuizen)抽空回家一个出色的左脚开瓶器后不久,他们被要求付款

The Owls failed to respond and remain in the relegation zone as their nine-year run without a win at Deepdale continued


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Pulis" men had the first attempt in an edgy start as Windass" audacious long-range lobbed effort drifted harmlessly over the crossbar


Soon after, Owls skipper Barry Bannan"s beautifully whipped corner evaded the whole defence but former Preston man Adam Reach could not convert from a tight angle at the back post

不久之后,猫头鹰队长巴里·班南(Barry Bannan)的漂亮弯角在整个防守中脱颖而出,但前普雷斯顿人亚当·里奇(Adam Reach)无法在后哨处从狭窄的角度转换

But Wednesday were dealt a huge blow in the 17th minute when Windass received a straight red card for a high foot on Preston full-back Joe Rafferty


Windass" dangerous challenge gave Wednesday their fourth red card from 13 league fixtures this season and put the visitors on the back foot in the opening stages


The Lilywhites immediately looked to press home their man advantage as Ryan Ledson"s chipped effort floated over recalled Republic of Ireland international goalkeeper Keiren Westwood

当莱恩·莱德森(Ryan Ledson)竭尽全力应对被召回的爱尔兰共和国国际门将基琳·韦斯特伍德(Kiren Westwood)的努力时,莉莉·怀特夫妇立即寻求将自己的男子优势压倒

But Alex Neil"s men were still susceptible to the counter and Callum Paterson cleverly found Australia international Massimo Luongo on the break, but his well-struck effort deflected into the side-netting

但是亚历克斯·尼尔(Alex Neil)的手下仍然容易受到反击的影响,卡勒姆·帕特森(Callum Paterson)巧妙地在休息时找到了澳大利亚国脚马西莫·卢昂戈(Massimo Luongo),但他精打细算的努力转移到了边路进攻

Preston"s star man Scott Sinclair was incensed not to have been awarded a penalty before half-time after appearing to be upended by opposite number Liam Palmer in the box but the Owls resiliently went into the break level with Westwood relatively untested88金币网

普雷斯顿的球星斯科特·辛克莱尔(Scott Sinclair)被迫在半场结束前没有被判罚点球,因为他似乎在禁区里被相反数字的利亚姆·帕尔默(Liam Palmer)击倒了,但是猫头鹰在未经测试的情况下坚挺地进入了突破水平88金币网

But Westwood, who was starting for the first time in 12 months, failed to deal adequately with a threatening delivery from the left three minutes after the break


Barkhuizen then followed up with a superbly struck left-footed volley past the helpless 36-year-old to give Preston the lead


Barkhuizen"s glorious strike was his first goal of the season and only Preston"s second in six league matches at Deepdale


Pulis" men were struggling to cope with Preston"s attacking intensity as substitute Jayden Stockley just failed to meet Barkhuizen"s inviting cross

普利斯的人竭力应付普雷斯顿的进攻强度,因为替补杰登·斯托克利(Jayden Stockley)刚好未能遇见巴克赫伊森(Barkhuizen)的诱人传球

Captain Daniel Johnson almost doubled the home side"s lead but his left-footed shot was agonisingly wide of the target

丹尼尔·约翰逊(Daniel Johnson)队长几乎将主队的领先优势提高了一倍,但他的左脚射门令他的目标更加痛苦

Then substitute Paul Gallagher"s free-kick almost sealed the three points with Westwood rooted to the spot

然后替补保罗·加拉格尔(Paul Gallagher)的任意球险些将韦斯特伍德(Westwood)扎根在场的三分命中率

But Wednesday failed to sustain any attacking pressure in the closing moments as Preston held on for their fifth league victory of the season



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